Making you rank higher easily for everyone and every business on the internet.

At Spienzer, we believe that online marketing shouldn't be complicated. That's why we've created a powerful tool that simplifies the process and delivers real results.

Our Story

Spienzer is a joint-venture between two companies located on the Brightlands Campus Greenport in Venlo. After being frustrated by the lack of affordable SEO and SEA tools that work together, we decided to build their own. We represent a team of 8 people with a passion for technology and marketing. Following the latest technologies in Generative AI, we are building a platform that will help you rank higher on Google and other search engines!

What is Spienzer?

Our name

Spienzer's name comes from local dialect of Venlo where "spienzen" means "peeking." Spienzer's ability to "peek" at Google's hidden algorithms, competitors' performance, and website optimization leads to highly relevant and optimized content generated automatically through its AI model with built-in feedback loop.

The peeking characteristics of Spienzer closely resemble those of an owl with large, forward-facing eyes that provide excellent vision day and night, specialized feathers for silent flight, and the ability to rotate its head 360 degrees. Just like an owl, Spienzer gathers and analyzes crucial data 24/7 to produce the most optimized content for you anytime, anywhere!

Our Values

Let SEO and SEA work together for online success

We believe that Spienzer can help companies to increase their online ranking by creating a synergy between SEO and SEA. Matching consumer search behavior with webpage and advertisment content will result in higher relevancy scores and improved online visibility

Automated content generation

We believe that the automatic AI system of Spienzer can replace and improve the labor-intensive process of constantly writing and rewriting optimized content. Spienzer's self-learning AI model fully automates content generation, reducing labo tand marketing costs. It selects target keywords and optimizes content within the company's domain, resulting in unique and optimized content with a signle click!

Make SEO and SEA accessible to everyone

We believe that you do not have to be an expert to achieve online marketing success. Spienzer is a user-friendly tool that requires no background knowledge of SEO and SEA to improve a website's online marketing performance quickly and effectively.

Get in touch with us

We are open to contact us regarding any questions about features, plans or pricing.

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