All-in-one process for SEO & SEA

Welcome to Spienzer's features page, where you'll discover the cutting-edge technology behind our innovative online marketing tool. Spienzer is packed with powerful features that enable you to create optimized and unique content for your website and advertisements effortlessly that improves search engine ranking and boosts online marketing performance. Join us as we explore Spienzer's features and discover how it can take your website to the next level.

SEO Tools

Webpage analysis

Spienzer automatically takes care of your entire content workflow, position ranking and advertising from start to finish.

Analyze all of your website pages

Automatically find for what keywords your pages are ranking.

Optimize your website structure

Keyword optimization

Reach maximum search volume potential in search engines

Automatically determine the optimal spread of target keywords across the pages of a website

Research your keyword search volume

Find competitors target keywords

SERP Tracking

Constantly monitor your performance and those of competitors

Automatically track the position of your analyzed sub-pages in one click

Choose how often to track your web pages - every day, 3 days of once a week

Track your performance over time and find out which pages are performing the best and which you need to improve

Content Generation

Generate unique keyword-optimized content in seconds

Write unique and optimized content based on SEO best practices

Choose between multiple languages for content generation

Generate new unique content that is not considered duplicate content by plagiarism checkers

SEA Tools

Ad Generation with Google AdWords

Generating keyword-optimized ads that convert

Connect you Google Adwords account to create campaigns

Automatically generating advertisement texts based on the input of webpages content

Secure a 1-on-1 link between the advertisements and the content of your the website

Bid Optimizer

Never overpay for Google Ads

Track your add performance

See which ads are performing the best and getting the most clicks

Automatically adjust bid prices to get the best value for your money